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✊Protest Power Playlist 🎵


A compilation of pro-revolution, conscious and anti establishment music, the perfect protest playlist. Genres include Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, UK Rap + Grime and More.
Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights!

Support Black Lives Matter : blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

Listen Now: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1EfnXMIetjJKQHDz77Cmfi?si=7i3pil6PR_GEwVWHMh5wDQ

GTA Online Live Streams


Below is a playlist of my live streams playing GTA Online. I play on PS4 & my PSN is Lumos7.
Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel & Twitch.

Killy Dem Krazy (Dancehall War Playlist)


Strictly badman dancehall tunes! This of course includes most of the Vybz Kartel v Mavado diss tracks. This is the perfect playlist for Call of Duty, GTA or a gym session!
Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5w4IJ7G9074uOMoienVHih?si=zLBOzXzYRoGlGckM3i1Kew

Kano Live In Amsterdam Ft Ghetto & Demon (2006) (Freestyles Only)


A cut of the freestyles from Kano’s Live in Amsterdam mixtape

Tracklisting : 0:00 – P’s & Q’s + Freestyles (Live)
6:16 – Freestyles (Live) (Set 1)
10:54 – Freestyles (Live) (Set 2)
12:21 – Freestyles (Live) (Set 3)
16:18 – Freestyles (Live) (Set 4)
24:24 – Mic Check (Remix) & Freestyles (Feat. Demon & Ghetto) (Live)
28:24 – Freestyles (Live) (Set 5)

Full Mixtape (Free Download) : http://www.mediafire.com/?xxvo54g859ileuj

❤️ Lovers Rock Playlist 🎵


Stone Love Inna Di Dance! Whether you’re bubblin with bae, cleaning on a sunday or kicking back at the BBQ with some wray, this is the list you wanna select and play! OK!
It’s Family Friendly playlist compiled of mostly reggae, R&B, soul & motown classics!
Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5t15qgnQJe9gfg8OeqXndy?si=01z3D5u9TTSwJN3kFOBeWw

So Solo – Lumos (Produced by Dot Rotten)


Stream/Download Here: http://hyperurl.co/so-solo-lumos

I wrote this song about my battles with depression back in 2015 and finally got around to recording and releasing it this year around blue monday to raise mental health awareness and share my experiences. Lyrics below:

Hook (x2)

Feeling really stressed I know,
I’m so familiar to the lows,
I hope and pray for better days,
i really need to get away!

Verse 1

From where I’m standing at today,
Wake up go to work get paid,
Wake up go to work get paid,
The monotony drives me insane! (ahhh)
The whole lifestyle just aint the way!
(I) know I’m destined to be great,
Whole reason (why) I left JA,
Come to London, make a name,
Black timing got me late,
So I need to raise the stakes,
indecision, lack of vision wound me up in Uni’
But I’m grateful for the friends I made,
It made me hungry to be great,
This dream ain’t just for me, the whole team guh get this cake!

Hook (x2)

Feeling really stressed I know,
I’m so familiar to the lows,
I hope and pray for better days,
i really need to get away!

Verse 2

Never took anti depressants, 
Just Kid Cudi tunes and smoking on essence,
Locked in day and night I felt helpless,
Solo dolo despite all my friendships,
Losing faith no church to confess in,
Kush OJ yeah Wiz was the reverend (Pastor Wiz, pass the riz)
Preaching facts and the statements set in,
Weren’t the life that I chose,
But it’s the life I was living,
And as long as life is living, 
Then thanks should be given (Praise Jah!),
Darkest before dawn, so just know seh,
The light a guh kick in & I know what u thinking,
All this can’t be Lumos he’s always grinin’
But you see thats the problem with depression its so well hidden
Said I’m

Hook (x2)

Feeling really stressed I know,
I’m so familiar to the lows,
I hope and pray for better days,
i really need to get away!

Verse 3

Man up!
Get outta bed and stand up!
Face the world it aint that tough!
Just get on with it like us!
I’m not like you,
In a place thats cold and cruel, 
When I wake up the sun don’t shine,
All I feel is darkness consume,
No theres nothing you can do,
Maybe change your tone would you,
You ain’t sympathising you’re patronising 
and it aint cool
So don’t talk down to me
‘Cus im so so low,
Watch the vibe you bring
or I’ll go solo
Said I’m so so low
Yea I’m so solo
Don’t talk down to me
‘Cus im so so low,
Watch the vibe you bring,
Or I’ll go solo
Yea I’ll go solo
Now I’m so solo!

Hook (x2)

Feeling really stressed I know,
I’m so familiar to the lows,
I hope and pray for better days,
i really need to get away!

Red Dead Redemption 2 x FlyRich Double – Yup (On My Tractor)

Mashup of Red Dead Redemption 2 with FlyRich Double Ft. Famous Amos – Yup (On My Tractor)

Paid In Full – Adz Boogie


Paid In Full – Adz Boogie (Movie Music Video)

Adz Boogie brings Paid In Full lines to lyrics with this one! edited by Lumos



1st Verse
Feeling like Ace Boogie when he left the cleaners
All my bruddas get it now its benzes and beamers
We aint gotta talk about weight and what we eating
Just know that we linked up with the plug and had some meetings
If a brudda live it then you know a brudda speak it
Me, M and T on the M Way, speeding
We aint ever hung up on them keys like a key ring
Just know when the ball was in possession we released it
My yardie boy a problem he guh ask yuh wah ya deal wid
If ya taking long to respond he guh teef it
And Younz he a savage he like Rico in the place
If he grab the whole cake he gon mush it in ya face, like happy birthday
You know ya buggin b ,
We all looking at you like you buggin b
But thats my cousin and i love him, free the boy though
Wont stop screaming free the boy till the boy home

Chorus x2

Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin
Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin

2nd Verse
Yeah im feeling like Rico when he popping all them wheelies
And ladies love A ya can check a bruddas CV
I know ya man stressed cah he really wanna be me
I tell him pull ya skirt down, see me when ya see me
Whats the point of soldiers if you aint gon fucking use’em
Donnys on his toes not knowing that he can lose’em
Nowadays we aint into Rushing/Russians like Putin
My brudda its a Western in the East with them shootings
If you want that drama then its drama we gon bring
Shit hits the fan with that drama we don’t sing
So this one to my bruddas that be scuffing on the wing
And to my trappers on road screaming money aint a thing, double up
Double up, bet it right back , just to let em know that you get it like that
Double up bet it right back, just to let em know that you get it like that

Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin
Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin

3rd Verse
Yeah im feeling like Mitch im broke baby and the fact is
I don’t ever trip over the money but i stacked it
Know the type of money that you keep under the mattress
Im tryna get it in like i don’t know what a tax is
Im sittin with my team, we talking over tactics
Tryna make a flip like we on our acrobat shit
Still theres bruddas creeping in the back like an adlib
Thinking that we cant hit the field like we match fit, im active
I love the game i love the hustle b
If i leave the fans still gon say they loving me
So don’t ask if im okay im cool
I just need to be around a lil love thats all
Ya right A, making money is me
I can fuck around with Keys like im Swizz beats
But i aint tryna stunt in the place
I got a G for every bump on ya face

Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin
Bruddas say they paid in full its all talk they just be bluffin (they just be bluffin)
No ribs, no rice, no champagne, you don’t eat nuttin

Beginners Guide To Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency



NOTE:  I wrote this blog in January 2018, some of the sources or exchanges referenced may not be as relevant or active anymore, at some point I will take the time to do a full update but for the most part this blog is still very much accurate. As of today Aug, 4th 2020 my recommended buys are the big 3 – (BTC, ETH, LTC) + OMG & LINK. But do your own research because I am not a financial advisor!

Ignore these ads saying don’t buy bitcoin or ethereum on my page (I cant control them google does).

So first off let me just say I’m not a financial advisor or anything like that, take on what I say but always do your own research (tools for which I’ve provided below!) There is going to be quite a bit of reading to do, if that puts you off this isn’t the game for you anyway to be honest. Also, the coins mentioned in the excerpt are just to drive traffic lol there are much better coins to invest in than ripple.

I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for a short period of time and I’ve learnt a lot during that space of time and seen lots of opportunities to make some good money. If I had larger sums of capital to invest I would be doing quite well for myself now, unfortunately some of my 500%+ returns are on small investments of £40 or so but the first rule of the game is don’t put in more than you are willing to lose and so that’s what I did at the start and so should you.

There are going to be a lot of key terms mentioned that will sound like another language to some of you and I’m kinda rushing while doing this so there will be a few links to external sites to explain the basics or youtube vids.  I’m going to break this post down into sections so its easier to find out what you need to know.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not expert I’m fortunate to have the knowledge of some pretty sharp and clued up people to my disposal which has helped me too.

What are Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies & Isn’t It Too Late?

Bitcoin itself is a cryptocurrency and there are 100s, bitcoin has boomed and slumped and boomed again over the years since its arrival in 2009. It’s not too late we are still in the early stages of this change. Think of it like this, how many people do you know that understand all of this stuff…now think of how many people you know that get how online banking or social media works… say 15 years ago I’m sure that was a small percentage compared to what it is now and look at its influence around the world today. Its the same for Crypto yes it would have been great to have been in on it from 9+ years ago but there is still a long way to go.

Where To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or traditional currency like US dollars, Pounds or Euro which we refer to as Fiat.

I’m speaking from a UK perspective here, so some of the sites mentioned for trading fiat may not apply to your country of residence, sorry but a quick google of “how to buy bitcoin in * insert country here* should do the do job.

Before you register to any exchanges I recommend using a new email address. I use Protonmail  – https://mail.protonmail.com/create/new?language=en. It has free accounts and paid ones with more features, the key component is that it is encrypted. No one can see your emails unlike with gmail (yes google can see your shit).

Once you are registered make sure to enable 2FA (see security section below)

Now, these are some exchanges which I use.

In exchange for all this free information, all I ask is that you use my referral codes when you sign up so I can get a lil change 🙂

Coinbase (Get $10 / £7 when you sign up with this link and buy more than $100 worth of crypto) – https://elseven.co.uk/coinbase

This is an exchange which lets you buy bitcoin, etheruem and litecoin using fiat (‘real money’ – $, £ & €) most other exchanges have way more coins but only accept bitcoin as a form of payment for them. So what I do is buy coin on here and then either store them in my offline wallet (will explain further below) if I just want to store them for the long term or I will send it to another trading exchange if I am looking to invest/trade other coins. I wouldn’t advise keeping your coins on coinbase all exchanges and not 100% secure or can have downtime for whatever reason for time to time, when it’s in my own wallet and not on an exchange I am in full control. Also when sending to other exchanges for the purpose of trading, even if I plan to spend bitcoin on that exchange. I would buy either ethereum or litecoin on coinbase/gdax (gdax is the advanced trading version of coinbase use google for more info) and then send that coin to whatever exchange and sell it immediately for bitcoin then use that bitcoin to get whatever I want to buy on there. Why? because they have cheaper transaction fees and move faster than bitcoin at the moment. See the Revolut section below for a guide on how to bypass coinbase fees.

Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10798376

My Favourite Exchange and one of the best out there they also have a mobile app which works well. For iPhone users, it’s not in the app store you have to get it via their website and follow the instructions there.

BitMex:  Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. Fast execution, low fees, Bitcoin futures and swaps. I’ll be honest I’m haven’t completely got my head around Bitmex but it is good for making money by anticipating the movement of crypto whether up or down, this video below explains better.
Register : https://www.bitmex.com/register/XC7ZJm

Kucoin: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1gHN4 – Another good exchange with an app but like binance it’s not on the app store for iOS

Bittrex.com – This exchange has lots of coins on there that are not listed on binance.

Revolut: https://goo.gl/vcuA9R – Helps making buying crypto cheaper, more info on how here – https://quickpenguin.net/revolut-faq/ (Also lets you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin now if your account is enabled but only to hold or sell, you cannot send it to another location at the moment, this could change soon though)

EDIT: Coinbase has now allowed connecting bank accounts so this process via Revolut is no longer necessarily the cheapest option, however Revolut is still a handy service to use in the crypto space.

Local Bitcoins: https://localbitcoins.com/?ch=i6gn – Buy bitcoins direct from other holders, peer to peer, no paper trail

Coin Exchange: https://www.coinexchange.io/?r=c401eb61

HitBTC https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5a099732260bb

Deribit: https://www.deribit.com/reg-7292.1420

Based on where you live you are liable to a tax called capital gains tax, just be aware of that. There’s a list of places in this document that have info on crypto tax havens – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u5E061KDp6qHmm3Mbc7buj3ToblaDGYzxAWFvdrVVlw


In this game security is key. I already mentioned above using protonmail for email as its encrypted.

Another essential requirement is Two Factor Authentication aka 2FA and with authenticator codes, not SMS (hackers could compromise and redirect text messages to your number and get into your texts, bet you didn’t know that)

I use Authy its similar to Google Authenticator but I prefer it to Google’s because its linked to an account that has backups in the cloud, Google Authenticator only stores the keys on your phone so if you lose it, if you didn’t backup the initial private key given to you when you registered it you will lose all your keys. If it all that sound like a different language just watch this video lol

I store my passwords and keys using Lastpass which has a mobile app and google chrome plugin also. – https://www.lastpass.com/

Wallets are where crypto currency is stored, coinbase gives you an individual wallet for all your coins eg. BTC wallet for Bitcoin, ETH wallet for ethereum. But like I said before I don’t store my coins long term on exchange wallets. I have my own hardware wallet I use the Ledger Nano S – https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/09f9 it can hold a variety of coins and regularly adds new ones its about €70 for one but its worth it if you are serious about investing. Alternatively, you can use wallets that the coins developer themselves have made available or paper wallets, the video below explains in more detail.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

WARNING –  The supplier of the Ledger Nano S is based in France and their deliveries can take a while, do not let this tempt you from buying from another source such as ebay, there are scammers that sell compromised versions and can rob you for all your money!

This graphic below also goes into a bit more detail about security

Tools & Data Sources

The best way to make money in this field is to learn learn learn and learn! These are the resources I use to get as much info as possible to find out what coins to buy when to buy, when to sell etc.

Telegram – Telegram is a messenger app that that most people use to communicate in the crypto world. Its similar to whatsapp, messages are encrypted and you can join multiple channels which are good for gettin the inside track on what to buy or sell.
Get it here : https://telegram.org/apps

Here are some channels I use

Bitcoin.tt – great community for sharing info on crypto, owe much of my profits to these guys

Noahs Ark  – Joined it yesterday, people make calls and share info here.

CryptoWhale – Robot with lots of functionality

Coindar – Alerts of crypto related events

Twittertwitter.com/cryptobitcointt– same guys from the telegram channel give them a follow lots of info on their timeline

Medium – This platform is a good space to find crypto.. I recently joined, you can follow me and keep an eye on who im following https://medium.com/@lumos7

Traderview – Amazing website for reading charts, learning from other traders, tracking crypto on various markets etc. Traders even post their analysis on this site which you can then use to help make trades. This site isn’t just for crypto either, forex, stock etc all broken down on there. Some exchanges even integrate the platform into their websites. They also have a mobile app.

Coinmarket Calendar – List of events that may or may not affect the price of a particular coin. Always worth checking.

Coinmarketcap – Probably the most visited website on my browser since I got into crypto. This is the mother of all crypto sites for staying in the loop of coin values, market caps, exchanges coins are listed on, the social media platforms related to a particular coin and even more. I check this site every day without fail.

IcoRating – See below for more info on what ICO’s are, there are lots out there so its important to know which ones are worth investing in and which are a waste of time and this site has a rating system which does just that.

BitSocial – secret Crypto community launching soon

Investopedia – If the whole world of trading and investing is new to you, this site will be useful for understanding terminology and theory within this realm.

Blockfolio – This is an app I use to track the value of my portfolio in real time. You can track coins you don’t hold either and also set alerts based on prices of coins.

Whats an ICO?

An ICO is a recently emerged concept of crowdfunding projects in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It’s an event, sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsale’, when a company releases its own cryptocurrency with a purpose of funding. It usually releases a certain number of crypto-tokens and then sells those tokens to its intended audience, most commonly in exchange for Bitcoins, but it can be fiat money as well.

More Info: https://cointelegraph.com/explained/ico-explained

“I’m Not Black I’m OJ!” ….Ok


Words uttered by OJ Simpson when facing trial, revived in Jay-z’s new track “Story Of OJ” off his New Album 4:44, parodied into the famous “OK Meme”.

Xhaka Laca Boom! | Lacazette Joins Arsenal


So when the rumours started to fly around linking Lacazette with a move to Arsenal people were joking that when he and Xhaka play together if they link up for a goal it will be Xhaka-Laca-Boom! So I remixed this old video to make this:

? AFTV FC Trials | Photography



The YouTube sensation that is ArsenalFanTV have now founded their own football team, AFTV FC. This weekend the trials took place to find suitable players to join the AFTV Regulars in their squad. Pictures below.

View Facebook Album 

❤️ Slow Jams Playlist – L7Jamz🎵


A vast collection of baby making music from R&B classics to Rocksteady Reggae to New Age Hip Hop. It’s all here on the L7 Jamz playlist from coolie.gut.
Special mention to Jenny Francis whose radio show “The Slow Down Zone” helped contribute to my knowledge of at least 30% of the songs in the playlist!

Listen Now: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6FwCczKh3Csfu6Uw1kSyna

KMT- Drake Ft Giggs [DBZ AMV]



Animated music video of Giggs’ verse from his feature on Drake’s song, “KMT” featured on his “More Life” playlist. This was done using clips from the world famous anime series “Dragon Ball Z” aka DBZ that I sourced from YouTube in about an hour and edited in Final Cut, which took approx 4 hours. Enjoy! ?
You can stream the full track here

mARTism Documentary (Autism Awareness)


mARTism Documentary (Autism Awareness)

This mini documentary gives an insight into mARTism from the perspective of not only Martin but those around him who have helped him start this wonderful journey into the world of art and music.

Martin+Art+Autism = mARTism.

Martin Thomas is an Autistic artist. He lives in Montego Bay, Jamaica with his family. Martin is very passionate about art, music and cooking.
The ‘A’ in the logo is represented by the coloured jigsaw ribbon which is the symbol for Autism Awareness.


Email : contact@martism.com

☠️ Wig Man Music Playlist 🎵


In slang terms, to ‘wig’ someone means to kill. This playlist is packed with hardcore UK Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall & Grime with the perfect music for an intense First Person Shooter ??????(eg. COD) gaming session. This playlist is regularly updated 🙂

Tony Bellew vs David Haye | Snapchat Reaction Story !


Tony Bellew vs David Haye | Snapchat Reaction Story ! | SC: Lumos7

Reaction to the big fight with the company of some friends of mine ?

Dance To Di Riddim! Xhaka, Xhaka!


El Seven couldnt help but notice Elephant Man’s classic, Chakka Chakka sounded a lot like Xhaka Xhaka..which led to the creation of this hilarious masterpiece.

🇧🇬 Sofia, Bulgaria [София, България] Photography 📸


Last month I was fortunate enough to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria / София, България (that’s how you write it in cyrillic) . The reason? To go and watch Ludogorets v Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League. This was my first time travelling to Bulgaria and it was a great trip and Sofia has many beautiful people and monuments, I look forward to visiting again ❤️?

Skepta @ Alexandra Palace


Photo’s from Skepta‘s sold out show at Ally Pally! It was an great show & the visuals were on point!

Lumos on Radar Radio


Today I had the pleasure of co-hosting with Poet on his show on Radar Radio, you can stream it below!

Tyga 1 of 1 Jose Mourinho Parody


Video mocking Jose Mourinho & Manchester United’s habit of drawing games notably their most recent against Everton which ended 1-1.

Orthordox Baptism meets Dancehall


I found these clips of an Orthodox Church baptising some babies which I found hilarious and decided to mix it with Ding Dong feat. Voicemail – Just Dance Wacky Dip.

Trump & Clinton Debate x Vybz Kartel Mashup!


?? Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate dubbed with dancehall music from Vybz Kartel & Spice using their songs ‘Virginity’ & ‘Rompin Shop’. ??

Donald Trump’s New US National Anthem



Donald Trump’s first act as President of the United States of America, changing the national anthem????.

Song: America Fuck Yeah – Team America

⚽️ Ludogorets 2-3 Arsenal | VLOG 🤳


Prior to this match I had only ever been to one other Arsenal away game and that was when we beat West Brom 4-3 on penalties in the league cup. So this was my first ever Champions League away game and first time in Bulgaria ??. Thanks to Mesut Özil’s late winner this was a night I will never forget and I’m glad the camera was rolling!

After filming the VLOG I did an interview with Robbie for ArsenalFanTV (watch below).

SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://goo.gl/Zq9NcA
For Business Enquiries: ArsenalFanTV@gmail.com

Arsenal Fan TV is the fastest growing Arsenal FC Youtube Channel covering everything Arsenal. Created by Fans for the Fans and covers everything Arsenal.

Manchester United Parking Lot Training


So yesterday the news broke that Jose Mourinho had Manchester United training in a car park / parking lot in Northampton before their EFL Cup match. Looks like that paid off because they finally won a game lol.

Mour Money Mour Problems


Mashups of the hip hop classic ‘More Money More Problems’ playing on the name of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, Mour Money Mour Problems! Featuring Stormzy & Pogba. 2016/17 Hasn’t been a great year for the Red Devils. (Phrase coined by

Arsene Wenger – “Call Me Billi”


Arsenal’s signing Mustafi takes PL spending for this window past the £1bn mark. This is a rework of Joe.co.uk’s edit using Breaking Bad characters and Arsene Wenger with DJ Khaled’s voice delivering the famous catchphrase #CallMeBilli

Buggy & Frog Bwoi


Lumos messing around with snapchat filters making a small skit in the process about a Bug named Buggy and a badmind frog.

Add Lumos7 on Snapchat.

Red Bull Culture Clash 2016 Photography 📸


Two years after what is still the most enjoyable stage show/concert I’ve been to to date. Red Bull returned with another installment of the Red Bull Culture Clash. I was on hand to capture photo’s of the amazing event! Photo’s include – Popcaan, Spice, Kranium, Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, Ty Dolla $ign, Ice Kid, Wiley, So Solid Crew, Kano, D Double E, Footsie, Chip P Money + more

View on our Photography Website to download photo’s

Xhaka Boom!


Viral video of Arsenal players and Arsenal Fan TV personalities mashed up with the Shaka Laka Boom Boom song.

Man Utd Fans Eat Their Words


Skribz from the #FilthyFellas predicted Arsenal would fall out of the Top 4 of the Premier League Table at the end of the season. What actually transpired was Arsenal finished 2nd on the final day of the season and Manchester United…5th. ?

Happy St. Totteringham’s Day!


It’s Happened Again! Arsenal finish above Spurs once again and its now officially St. Totteringham’s Day!
These Spurs fans words come back to haunt them, Mitch & Ross just couldn’t stop running their mouths now look! ?? #FilthyFellas

Eskimo Dance London – March 2016


Photos from Grime’s most famous rave, Eskimo Dance’s london leg of its spring tour. Includes shots of Chip, Ghetts, Kano, Skepta, Wiley, AJ Tracey + more

Download pictures from our Photography Website

Kano Made In The Manor London Show @ Troxy


I managed to get into to Kano’s sold out show for the London leg of his Made In The Manor tour and captured these shots. It was an amazing show and credit to a great album.

Download pictures on our Photography Website

Alexis Sanchez x Mavado Mash Up – ??Me & My Dogs??


Mash up video by El Seven of Alexis Sanchez & his dogs over that classic Mavado tune, me and my dogs Enjoy!

Boy Better Know Fighter




Boy Better Know Fighter – MUGEN based fighting game created by Jme around 10 years ago featuring grime MC’s; Skepta, Wiley, Scorcher, Tempa T, Jammer, Big H and more.

I’m one of the few if not the only one who’s been bothered to reupload it for people in the past few years but links kept dying so I’ve decided to just host it here on my site.

bbk2  bbk3

Jme vs Plastician outside McDonalds.           Jme vs Skepta

Jamaica Photography [2015]


Pictures from my recent trip back home to Jamaica. Includes shots from Montego Bay & Portland.

Kano – Home Sweet Home Revisited Show Photography


I had the privilege of capturing some of Kano’s Home Sweet Home Revisited show supported by Bonkaz, Elijah & Skilliam & Logan Sama.

Visit our Photography Website to download these photos/

Wiz Khalifa & A$AP Mob @ O2 Arena


Photography from Wiz Khalifa & A$AP Mob’s show at the O2 Arena.

Jamaican Power Rangers


Parody Power Rangers intro, Jamaican dancehall style by Lumos. Inspired by recent Jamaican Thundercats and X-Men viral videos by P5YCKONOMIXXX.
Instrumental : England Town Riddim – Notnice

Kaboom, Everyting get blast off,
Inna space space so wi dance cyaa lock off
Mr chin nah tek no check,
Nuh feel seh true him smile him nah chop rass off
Reggie a him roll green,
and a look a place fi go smoke up di trees
Draw fi di 3star and rise the machines
Send fi di army and run out pon di scheme
Kck a bwoi inna face if him try diss mi team
Rse up dem di fiya
If dem try skin dem teet
Bad up which gal?!
A couldn’t ms pink
Roll wid the flowers so u know she never stink
Bomb up di place like war plan
Jungle gyal a swing on like a tarzan
Lightning fi a gyal weh look like martian
Send her back inna space fi find a marsh man (martian man lol)
Di scheme get hot
Gwan like dem bad
Demi only have chat
Nuff whips we push
So we do road a lot
Creep up like a ninja or a cat
Sword turn inna bird
Not no parrot
When di squad link up
Not no drink up
Can’t come pon wi ends and try fuck things up
Savin the word
Monster get mince up
Megazord dem
More secure dan a brinks truck


Notting Hill Carnival 2015 Vlog #L7Days


Compilations of clips, mostly from my snapchat story on the day, of my time at Nottinghill Carnival 2015. Enjoy !


Notting Hill Carnival 2013/14 Vlog #L7Days


Better late than never! In the build up to this years Notting Hill Carnival I finally got around to editing my footage from the past 2 years at carnival over a period of 4 days. Enjoy!

House of Vans X Eley Kishimoto


Last weekend Vans collaborated with Eley Kishimoto for their Living Art event. The night had a sick grime line-up and was one of the best I have been to to date. I managed to finesse my way into VIP and got onto the stage with the acts for a while. As well as the artist on the flyer below, the famous YouTuber collective, The Sidemen,  also graced the stage. P Money,  Frisco, Desperado, Jammer and Tempa T weren’t on the line up either but they also blessed the mic. Unfortunately I missed most of The Square’s set and Ghetts’ all together but none the less it was a great event.

Photo’s below
External Links – Flickr Album & Facebook Album


Wireless Festival Photo’s


My last Wireless Festival post was from the perspective of an ordinary patron enjoying the day. I was called back a week later to put my professional hat on and get some shots for Gigwise [check out their article using my pics], this was my first time doing photography was official press with closer stage access and all that jazz which was pretty cool!  Below are the shots I captured on the day.
Click for the Facebook Album & Flickr Album (Same pictures on different platforms).



We Run The Block – Bonkaz [GTA Video]



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UK Artist Bonkaz recently released his single “We Run The Block” Produced by The HeavyTrackerz which is now a street anthem. I liked the original video , which was produced by Asylum33 but, understandably the lyrics weren’t brought to life. I had always planned on making a music video using Grand Theft Auto gameplay and this was the perfect candidate.



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Last weekend Wireless Festival celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a special additional day – #Wireless10 with Drake as the headline.

I was fortunate enough to attend and here is my footage from the day

Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocLLrldohcRLXGcV1awHQHiFaIhEwKBz


Snapchat Story

I captured most of the days antics on snapchat with my cousin, when I got home I saved / combined both our stories to make this !




Boy Better Know

As expected Boy Better Know put on  a very lively set and JME even brought out Giggs to perform ‘Man Dont Care’ it was so epic it had to be put in a separate video.








Perfect ending to day was this sick set from Drake. Wireless 10 was a big success !

El Seven – Top 5 Grime Photographer – SBTV



My recent #L7Grime project has gained me some serious recognition within the grime scene and its good to see my efforts are not going unnoticed. I have been included in SBTV ‘s list of Top 5 Grime Photographers in their Lowdown section.  Shout out to Ashley Verse, Quann and Vicky Grout too.


Here is the mention of El Seven.


Full article here > http://sbtv.co.uk/read/features/the-lowdown-5-of-the-best-grime-photographers/

Marcus Thomas: teenBoss


So a few weeks ago I was approached by someone from the Jamaica Observer and was asked to do an interview discussing El Seven and some of my personal achievements.

Here is an excerpt from that article

“…believe in yourself more. Start learning more languages. Do not do anything that requires a lot of self-motivation for the sake of money, or someone else’s happiness. If YOU do not feel PASSION for it, then YOU are wasting YOUR time.” -Marcus Thomas (in reflection on what he would have told himself five years ago)

the full interview can be read on the Jamaica Observer : teenAge website>>> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/teenage/teen-boss-marcus

Lord of The Mics Outside Nike Town #L7Grime


There was a Lord of The Mics vs Rinse FM event at Nike Town, Oxford Circus as a part of  Nike’s football week.

I didnt make it inside the event but stuck around outside and waited. Lots of MC’s chilled outside for a good while after and Jammer kept the Lord of The Mics vibe going, hooked up some speakers outside the store and the clashing began!

I captured some shots of the clashing and MC’s chilling outside with fans and friends.