During the preseason I was inside the Emirates Stadium and noticed lots of banners from different countries and decided that I wanted to get one put up to represent Jamaica.


So I found the supporters group on twitter REDaction Gooners and asked them what the correct protocols were and they gave me details to a contact inside the stadium who handles those things.

We spoke and he gave me a set of guidelines and requirements that the banner must meet for it to be put up permanently in the ground.

Once I did that I came up with a design sketch and sent it over to a friend and fellow Jamaican, Nathan Garwood who is a designer. He did it professionally and that draft was approved by Arsenal.

Once we had the design approved, I was quoted a price of around ยฃ100 to get the banner printed. Now was much as I love Arsenal and Jamaica, I wasn’t about to part with that much of my own moneyย for a banner (I have bills to pay! lol). So I decided to turn to crowdfunding. Not only would crowdfunding help ease the payload but it would also help to engage other fans in theย whole process and ย raise awareness amongst those whom it may concern what I was trying to accomplish.

Within less than a week WEย hit the set target.


Iย managed toย get it signed by Arsenal Legend Ian Wright who is of Jamaican heritage and I was also fortunate enough to get it signed by David Ospina and Captain Mertesacker (I didn’t single out these two but the opportunity presented itself and I took it).

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Anyone could have done what I did, I just took the initiative, when I think of things that I know can happen I think why not make it happen myself and that is what I have done here.

I would like to once again thank everyone who played a part in making this happen.

Now lets go and retain the FA Cup and crack on next season!

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